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About Me


My name is Joshua Kennedy, and for as long as I can remember I have had an interest in media. Surprisingly it wasn’t until I impulsively decided to purchase a professional camera that I actually pursued it for myself. I initially entered the media space by taking pictures of close friends and family which resulted in an abundance of content at my disposal – I decided the best way for me to share that content publicly was through social media; via Instagram and a website. This new path has provided me with the opportunity to make multiple connections, travel to various places, and meet many people I would have never met before. And all along the way capturing genuine and memorable experiences for those around me. If you book with me today, we can start creating some of your very own experiences as well.

Contact Me

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Phone: (647) 208-6969

Instagram: @iamjphotos

Thanks for submitting! I look forward to working with you.

Born in Toronto, Canada, I am the eldest of 3 siblings. For highschool I attended Richview Collegiate Institute in Etobicoke. I did a lot of experimenting in high school by joining a variety of sports teams, such as track & field, cross-country running, and intramurals. I was still unsure of what I wanted to do even up until the final months of high school, however, I have always excelled in math and sciences. After I graduated, I attended the University of Windsor for Mechanical Engineering, where I found a hobby in photography. As I continued to pursue my degree, this hobby of photography also became a pursuit and turned into part-time income allowing me to pay for some of my school expenses. I graduated from the University of Windsor in 2019, and currently pursue both my engineering and photography career.

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